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The word empower is often over-used. Many employers talk about empowering their employees, but often employees feel disempowered. Here’s a list of the top 10 things you can do that will really empower your employees, according to employees, not employers!


1. Allow employees to actively participate in team and company goals. Employees often report getting one-way directives.

2. Allow employees to suggest better ways of getting their jobs done. Employees often report that they have no input and are told exactly how to perform their jobs, leaving no creativity.

3. Provide positive reinforcement. Employees often report that their decisions and actions are second-guessed and that most, if not all, feedback given is negative.

4. Clearly delegate responsibility and give the employees authority along with the responsibility. Employees often report that they are given tasks and then told they did it wrong.

5. Be clear in your communication. Employees often report that the goals are unclear and that they are not sure what they are being asked to do.

6. Show you have trust in your employees. Employees often report that someone is always looking over their shoulder to make sure they do things right.

7. Listen. Listen. Listen. Employees often report that conversations are one way, comprised mostly of their ideas being criticized. They don’t feel they are heard.

8. Be interested in the employees’ career development. Employees often report that their goals are not viewed as important in the organization.

9. Let the employees help you achieve success. Employees often report that their managers do all the tasks and that they have no way to make contributions outside their job descriptions.

10. Be a coach. Employees often report feeling like children rather than being on the same team with their bosses. Be their coach and lead the team to success.

— Submitted by Terry Levine, Professional and Personal Coach