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Our friends at Target Training International (TTI) are experts in understanding what organizations need to do to be sure you are attracting and retaining the right employees for your business.

TTI has found that employee brand is a hot topic and is important for attracting top talent and to be the employer of choice. Building a positive employee brand is not only important in recruiting new employees, but it is vital in retaining superior performers.

TTI recently surveyed 19,000 job seekers to see what they are looking for in their future employer and what a job search feels like in the current economy. Here’s what they had to say:

  • 58% of job seekers have had their resume online for 5 months or more.
  • 30% of them have applied for over 50 jobs during their current job search.
  • 87% say that finding the right job is more important than finding any job.
  • 40% of the job seekers are willing to wait as long as it takes to find the right job.
  • 55% of the job seekers are currently employed.
  • 75% have a four-year degree or higher.
  • The number one reason for leaving was NOT money.

What does that mean to you? Employees are frustrated and currently looking for jobs while on your payroll. JFD Performance Solutions utilizes the best solutions, expertise and tools to help position your company as a great place to work and help build your unique employer brand. Contact Kevin to learn what value that can bring to your organization!