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Flash the Morse Code signal SOS and help is sure to come your way. Master these 10 signs of strength (SOS) and the help may be in the form of improved relationships, greater joy and connection with yourself, better self care and enhanced communication. All in all, quite a life raft!

  1. Respond instead of react. When we react, we give away our personal power.
  2. Identify and learn from your judgments. Judgments are often a reflection of our own inner needs and values.
  3. Reach out when you need it.  Asking for help is not a weakness.
  4. Keep your word-especially to yourself. Beautiful palaces are built on this foundation of integrity.
  5. Speak what is true for you. Authenticity begins here, now.
  6. Take time for yourself. This isn’t narcissistic or indulgent. Caring for yourself helps you care for others better.
  7. Know what you want. Take the time to figure out this one. It’s worth it.
  8. Don’t take things personally. Even if it sounds personal, it usually isn’t.
  9. Honor your limits. Setting boundaries is an act of caring.
  10. Recognize fear as a guide, not a barrier. Your dark side is a friend when seen in the right light.   

— Author’s content used under license, © 2008 Claire Communications