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One of my colleagues, Paul Bellows, wrote this article and the message is powerful and appropriate for EVERY business owner … including YOU!  

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) recently confirmed that the nation has been in a recession since December 2007. 
Not me! I refuse to participate in the recession. I refuse to let fear and the macro-economy control my destiny. Did I spend a little less on gifts this holiday season? Sure. Will I be a little smarter with my dollars? Yes. Will I work harder to attract new clients? Okay.   

The weakened economy, poor consumer confidence, the uncertainty of the stock market and the lack of available financing will not affect my ability or desire to provide a tremendous value to my clients. It will not influence my Vision or diminish the vital role I play in the businesses and lives of my clients.  
The reasons I refuse to participate in the recession are simple:

First, I choose to take immediate and consistent action steps that are aligned with my goals and my Vision! The recession has no power over any of these things.

Second, I provide an important service that meets a basic need of mankind – guidance and coaching services that help people and organizations create hope, change direction, and prosper when times are good as well as when times are tough. 
So let me ask you two questions:  


  1. "Are you ready for a new direction and/or improved results?" 
  2. "Do you also provide a valuable service or product that helps others in the community or around the world?"  

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then we share a common bond and I am eager to give you these timely instructions: 

  • Now is the time to plan for 2009 and the future
  • Now is the time for creative and inspirational thinking
  • Now is the time to expand and find new opportunities 
  • Now is the time for renewed hope in yourself and your family, community and country 
  • Now is the time to focus (on your success)
  • Now is the time to increase knowledge and skills 
  • Now is the time to create new healthy habits 
  • Now is the time to be responsible for your actions
  • Now is the time to market and advertise 
  • Now is the time to give to others
  • Now is the time to have fun (and smile more)
  • Now is the time to invest in yourself and in your business (or non-profit) 
  • Now is the time to put fear behind you 
  • Now is the time for Positive Attitude and Purposeful Action!   

You cannot simply wait for answers to come – or for a bailout to rescue you. If you want results in 2009, you need to follow these instructions and act now! The first step is always the hardest because it requires a humble gesture of faith. It requires that you pick up your phone and call (or send an e-mail to) a mentor or advisor or a coach – and ask for help and guidance.  
I guarantee you that there is no better time to act and start an incredible process of abundance, redemption and renewed hope. Only through hope, can we believe; and only through belief, can we take enthused action! Truly inspired planning and action inevitably and ultimately always leads to confidence and improved results.  
If you now refuse to participate in fear (the recession), and instead choose to follow a path of progression, then you need to take some immediate action and call a mentor or advisor or a coach right away!