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As the current business environment is causing tremendous mental upheaval among so many people, I thought that it could be helpful to provide several quick to read and implement tips. 

Tip # 1. Exercise control where you can. 
There are things we can control, there are things we can influence, and there are things we have no control over whatsoever. What does that mean to you? Only invest your time and energy in worrying about the first two areas. 

Tip # 2: Look at what is working and what is not.  

Challenging times require that we reach outside of what we are comfortable doing. Review your business or responsibilities from every angle – even those "sacred" areas that you may take for granted. 
Tip # 3: Pump up the volume.  

Work harder than ever before. In challenging times a clear sense of urgency is critical. This is not the time to relax, keep doing what you have been doing, or give up.  I’ve heard it said that "In times like these, it is more important than ever to wake up each morning like your pants are on fire."  
Tip # 4: Make client satisfaction and client loyalty your number one priority.   

If it’s not already, it should be. Now is the time to be more focused on your client than ever before. Call them, visit them, and see how good a job you are doing for them. What new struggles might they be experiencing that you might be able to help with? Every one in your organization should step up to the plate with new and better approaches to satisfying clients. 
Tip # 5. Focus on business development.  

Give as much time as possible to bringing in more business. Experiment with a different approach if the old way is not producing the results your business needs. Even employees who are not in sales can help with business development. Focus here is a must. 
Tip # 6. Communicate urgency but not despair, while you are busy communicating more than ever.  
Do people in your organization really understand where you are going as a company and what you need to accomplish to get there? Don’t assume – check for understanding.