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Confidence is a critical ingredient to your growth and development. You develop self-confidence by creating success. Through your goals you can provide for frequent successes.

Set short term goals in the beginning. Experience often the satisfaction of moving a ‘Short Term Goal’ to the ‘Goal Accomplished’ area of your daily planner or other tracking device. People who have well-defined goals in life develop confidence through achieving those goals. Thus, they are always better prepared to confront new situations, and achieve higher goals. As you achieve goals, and feel the satisfaction of achievement, your confidence in your abilities is enhanced as is your potential to achieve more and higher goals.

Lack of confidence also stems from our inability to visualize successfully doing whatever it is we want to do. Careful planning, specific action steps, and affirmations help you to clearly plan exactly how and why you can achieve your goals. It focuses your imagination on the positive rather than the negative.

Confidence is the key ingredient to any plan. It is part of the solution to every obstacle you have identified in your goal. Fortunately, confidence is a limitless resource; the more you use of it, the more there is to use. However, there is a price to be paid. To ‘use’ confidence requires involvement: only through involvement (and consequent testing and confrontation) are boundaries pushed back and fears overcome. To take goal setting seriously guarantees that you will need to increase your confidence. To take goal setting seriously also guarantees that you will increase your confidence.

Resource Associates Corporation. Used by permission.