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In 2007, my good friend and colleague David Herdlinger wrote this book to help leaders at different levels of experience and position within an organization more effectively lead themselves and others. While weaving in some of the "basics" of leadership, David focuses on introducing many new concepts and practices that can be implemented right away.  David brings a perspective that is enriched by his careers that vary from that as a successful attorney, political campaign director, corporate executive and, for more than 15 years now, an accomplished corporate and individual coach.

Here is David’s list of reasons:

1. Absence Of A Clear Strategic Direction

2. Failure To Create A Sense Of Ownership

3. Absence Of A Comprehensive Goals Program

4. Failure To Align The Goals Of Every Individual, Team, And Department To The Strategic Direction

5. Using An Inadequate Definition Of Leadership

6. Inability Or Unwillingness To Hear Bad News, Especially About Oneself

7. Failure To Develop And Use Measurements

8. Failure To Hire Or Retain The Right People

9. Failure To Facilitate Two-Way Communication 

10. Failure To Empower Others

10.5. Unwillingness To Ask For Help  


Read this book to learn… 

  • The 10.5 most common reasons for executive failure, and how to avoid them. 
  • What actions you should take to increase the probability of your personal and organizational success.