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From the just-updated book "200 Best Jobs for College Graduates" by Laurence Shatkin and Michael Farr.


1. Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst.  These professionals design, test and evaluate systems such as local area networks, wide area networks, the Internet, intranets and other data communications systems.

2. Sales Agent, Financial Services.  These professionals sell retirement packages and annuities to individuals and employers.

3. Sales Agent, Securities and Commodities.  They sell stocks and bonds to investors, and their income consists mainly of commissions from the sales.

4. Market Research Analyst.  They devise methods and procedures for obtaining data and they provide the data to a company’s management for use in making decisions about areas such as the design, pricing, distribution and promotion of products or services.

5. Public Relations Specialist.  These professionals handle an organization’s media, community, consumer, industry and governmental relations; political campaigns; interest-group representation; conflict mediation; and employee and investor relations.

6. Cost Estimator.  Cost estimators typically work in construction and manufacturing. They develop the cost information that business owners or managers need for making a bid on a contract or figuring out the profitability of a proposed project or product.

7. Educational, Vocational and School Counselor.  These professionals provide individuals and groups with career and educational advice. They advocate for students and work with others to promote the academic, career, personal and social development of children and youth.

8. Actuary.  Actuaries assemble and analyze data to estimate the probability and likely cost of events such as death, sickness, injury, disability or loss of property. They often work for financial institutions or insurance companies.

9. Paralegal and Legal Assistant.  These professionals help lawyers prepare for closings, hearings, trials and corporate meetings. They also offer research assistance and may help attorneys prepare legal arguments, draft pleadings and motions to be filed with the court, obtain affidavits and assist during trial. Paralegals also organize and track the files of all important case documents and make them available and easily accessible to attorneys.

10. Computer Support Specialist.  They provide technical assistance, support and advice to customers and other users. They’re troubleshooters who interpret problems and provide fixes and improvements for hardware, software and entire systems.