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From their book "See, Feel, Think, Do – The Power of Instinct in Business", authors Andy Milligan and Shaun Smith identify the 10 statements with which most employees in higher-performing organizations most agreed, and which correlated most highly with the overall improved business results achieved by these companies.

1. We are a highly successful organization.

2. We have a well-defined strategy to overcome competitors.

3. We match the claims made through our advertising and promotion.

4. Employees are well trained to meet the performance standards required by their jobs.

5. We measure our quality/service performance against the world’s best organizations in our field.

6. Managers meet with customers and consumer groups on a regular basis.

7. We carefully monitor the product/service quality of our suppliers, distributors, and agents.

8. Employees are regularly briefed on departmental and organizational performance.

9. There is good cooperation among all departments in my organization.

10. Performance targets that my department sets are realistic and consistent with our organizational vision/mission.