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First, define the term balance. So often, people seeking "balance" end up with a life something like both sides of a scale dragging the ground behind them. I suggest thinking of work-life balance as a Teeter-Totter, which is certainly possible to balance but is much more fun when it "seesaws" back and forth. In fact, that is the purpose of a teeter-totter!

It’s important to become less concerned with balance and more concerned with purpose and focus. Purpose comes from service, and you may have more than one purpose, for each of the vital few key roles you serve in life. When you have done the work necessary to discover your purpose then, and only then, will it become possible to have an "On-Purpose" day. Purpose gives your day focus and meaning; it shapes your goals, your decision-making, and your use of time.   

Your purpose throughout the day may be to focus on the needs of your customers, then in the evening shift to the needs of your spouse, getting kids to hockey and dance classes, then to reading from a great book before bedtime. Once you are clear on your purpose(s) in life, focusing on JUST the important things becomes possible – there is hope and it’s fun!