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Your attitudes determine your success. Your attitudes also affect the way you see others.

There is a story told about a young man who was looking for a place to settle down. As he approached the outskirts of a small town, he encountered an elderly man and asked him, "What kind of people live in that town?" "What kind of people lived in the last place you lived?" the old man responded. "They were selfish and unfriendly," replied the youth. "You’ll find the same here," answered the old man. A few days later, another young traveler approached the same town and asked the same old man, "What types of people live in this town?" "What kind of people lived in the town you came from?" replied the old man. "They were honest, sincere, and friendly. I was sad to leave." "You’ll find the same here," said the old man.

To a significant degree, your attitudes create the world you see. What world do you see?

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