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Last time, in "5 Steps to Goal Setting Success," we discussed why the ability to achieve your goals is the true secret to success and important steps to take in order to overcome the obstacles and challenges that will, inevitably, come your way. To help lay the foundation for goal setting and achievement, it is important to, first, have a vision and strategy that works for you. This "visioning" and strategy process can take many forms, however here is one that I have found to be very useful.

Visioning for 2015 is our attempt to see into the future, to envision what the coming year holds for us.

First, pause to reflect on 2014:

What were your life-changing moments of 2014? What actions or good judgments on your part brought them about?

What were the low points of 2014, what were the actions or examples of poor judgment on your part that brought them about (if any)?

Now moving forward, it is time to set intentions for your year ahead:

What are 7 things that you want to happen in 2015? Define the next action you can take toward each:

What are the skills and strengths that you can rely on to move you forward towards achieving those 7 things?

What are your most limiting beliefs or fears that you would like to let go of?

Is there any area in your life in which you need to make amends (associates, friends, family, spouse, children)? If so, when and how will you do this?

What opportunities are right in front of you waiting for you to take action? What is holding you back? How would it change your life if you decided to act?

Write up to 3 mantras for your year (no more than 4 words for each mantra):

Revisit this document throughout the year (once a quarter is recommended). Having your vision and strategy written down makes it much more likely that you will take action on what is important to you. At the end of the year you will be amazed by your results from just having completed this document and by staying focused on it and on your associated goals.

Thanks to Natalie Peterson of Peterson Coaching for sharing her visioning process.