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In Part 1 of this series, we examined reasons why so many of us are stuck in life and in Part 2, we discussed the elements of an effective personal development and improvement process. This time, we’re exploring why partnering with a coach can have a significant impact on your ability to successfully navigate your personal development and improvement.

From my experience, most people don’t out-of-the-blue decide that they need a coach. Generally, people begin to consider coaching after they have worked at (or worried about) something for a while, without seeing the change or improvement they had hoped for. Similarly, someone else may suggest coaching after observing their struggles. Regardless, people often consider coaching for one of two reasons: they need help taking advantage of an opportunity or they need help addressing a problem.

Let it be said: meaningful and lasting personal improvement is not easy. It’s hard! But anything truly worthwhile typically is. Changing your life for the better takes time, energy, and application. However, a frequent contributor to this being so challenging is that we try to do it alone. We shoulder this difficult, yet incredibly important, responsibility by ourselves… out of pride, ego, fear, stubbornness, or not wanting to “burden” others. And I get that – all of it. However, in going it alone, you may be taking a more difficult route and possibly settling for much less success than you could achieve by partnering with a coach; a trusted partner to walk with you on this part of your journey.

To name a few reasons, a coach can help you get unstuck by being a willing listener, by challenging your thought processes and assumptions, by helping you see things from a different perspective, by helping you discover unconsidered needs and opportunities, by helping you envision your desired future and a better you, and, ultimately, by helping you achieve more of what you want. A good coach works with you as you are, to help you develop, grow, improve, and reach your goals.

Our Coaching Process

At JFD Performance Solutions, our purpose in coaching is to help our clients be successful. We focus on results and helping people to reach more of their potential, both personally and professionally. The client (who they are and what they bring) is at the center of the coach-client partnership. The client has the responsibility of being fully invested in the process, of being committed and accountable to putting forth the appropriate time and effort, and for making the necessary changes in order to develop and grow. The coach helps set the foundation for the relationship, one that is based on trust, mutual respect, and open and honest communication.

So, how can you achieve what’s most important to you? What opportunity are you not taking advantage of? What obstacle is holding you back? Why are you stuck? Let’s talk if you’d like to learn more about working with a coach to help you achieve more than you ever imagined you could!