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Who We Help

Professional and Olympic athletes have coaches to help them be "world class". Mountain climbers have guides to help them reach the summit. Performers use coaches to fine tune their natural talents. And, more and more, people in the business world engage with a coach to help them accomplish their goals and be successful. We help companies and business professionals be the best they can be.

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The services, processes and systems used by JFD Performance Solutions have had a far-reaching impact on business, having been utilized all over the U.S. and around the world by thousands of companies ranging from small owner-operator businesses to Fortune 50 companies.

They are used by clients in a variety of industries including service, education, technology, healthcare, construction, government, financial, hospitality, multi-media, non-profit, insurance, retail, manufacturing, and many more.

Here is a partial list of the various industries and types of organizations and individuals with whom we have worked:

  • Information Services Company
  • Automation Products Executive
  • Accounting Firm Partner
  • Franchise Retail Outlet
  • Residential Products Executive
  • Regional Security Services Firm
  • Economist
  • Consulting Firm
  • Non-Profit Agency Leader
  • Property Inspector
  • Chiropractor
  • Financial Services Business
  • Franchise Developer for NC
  • Education Services Executive
  • Region Service Executive
  • Transportation Company
  • Sports and Athletics Company
  • Telecom Equipment Manufacturer
  • Telecom Equipment Distributor
  • Electronic Equipment Executive
  • Publishing Company
  • Sales Professional
  • Statewide Professional Services Association
  • Business Services Executive
  • Market Research Firm
  • Statewide Non-Profit Organization
  • Staffing Firm Executive
  • University Support Services Program
  • National Website Design Business
  • Construction Company Executive
  • Sales Outsourcing Company
  • Attorney
  • Housing Products Company Executive
  • Engineering Director
  • Home Appliance manufacturer
  • Copier Sales/Service Business
  • Educator
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Business Leaders Group
  • Church Staff
  • Conference Company
  • Youth Sports Company
  • Business Development Executive
  • Medical Equipment Distributor
  • Fabrication Products Executive
  • Healthcare Services Firm
  • Financial Services Company
  • Food Services Provider
  • Law Firm Partner
  • Global Green Products Manufacturer
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Sales Executive
  • Engineering Services Company


◊ Kevin has helped me grow my leadership skills through a
structured and personally engaging process. 
Our frequent and brief discussions help bring clarity to challenging
leadership issues. Kevin helps keep me sharp, and pushing toward my A-game.  

CEO, automation products company


◊  I have been to seminars, sales training events, negotiation training, etc. For the most part you are hearing the same techniques repeated over and over, it just comes out different. I have found the above ok at best. In regards to Kevin’s coaching, I was a little skeptical at first. But after two sessions I was amazed at just how useful Kevins’ training was and continues to be an important part of my personal and professional growth. His ability to listen, challenge and suggest options is awesome. I believe I’m on the path to a more rewarding overall life and owe a lot of that to Kevin.

Business Development Manager, global technology company


◊  Kevin, thanks for all your hard work with our team. We wouldn’t be where we are without you!
I appreciate, again, your skillful guidance. After the call today we heard many positive comments about [this process] being easier than expected. Thanks for your part in guiding us to this point.

VP, Human Resources Director, leading regional engineering services company


◊ Words can’t express how you have helped me…..I am
certainly a work-in-progress. You are wonderful and I can’t thank you
enough for all your assistance in making my job search more real – you give me
perspective and I find it reassuring.  You are a wonderful resource
to me and I appreciate all the assistance and care you have given/shown me. Thanks
for caring!

Business Manager, law firm


◊ Some of Kevin’s key attributes include a strong work ethic,
the ability to work closely with business owners and C-level leaders, his
business acumen in a variety of areas, and his creativity and adaptability.
Kevin is extremely professional, results-focused, organized, intelligent and a
quick study. He contributed greatly to the growth and success of [our company] these
past two years. 

Founder and CEO, research and information company


◊ Thank you for all of your work with me and helping me become a better employee and employer. I really appreciate being able to talk with you and feel it is very valuable to my overall growth not only in business but as a person as well.

Chief Operating Officer, international athletics company


◊  Kevin, thank you! What was said and done in our sessions as well as the individual talks and weekly meetings has had a very positive impact on the team. It has helped drastically. I no longer feel as tormented whenever an issue needs to be addressed. It seems everyone now has a much more open mind and we respect each other’s thoughts and perspective which was something I strongly feel we lacked in the past. Thank you very much for all of your help.

Operations Leader, leading manufacturing and distribution company


◊ Kevin is a strong relationship builder and is never short of
new ideas to move the business forward. He is an excellent leader of teams and
people and he possesses the ability to simplify complex objectives into
actionable tasks. He is very good at keeping teams engaged and stretched in
their assignments. Kevin is a calm leader that deals with issues and
significant challenges with a sense of clarity, integrity and an attitude that
gets to solution. He knows how to bring the best out of people and

Director, Global Service Quality, healthcare company


◊  Kevin is great. He has tremendous insight, is very knowledgeable and can facilitate difficult/challenging situations. I’d use him again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend him.

Director, Human Resources, telecommunications equipment manufacturer


◊ I am pleased to recommend Kevin Brimhall as an executive coach and business consultant. Kevin has coached a number of senior leaders at our portfolio companies, all with tremendous results. He has worked with these executives in areas such as leadership development, strategic planning, attitude and motivation, communication, time management, business development, and optimizing team performance. Kevin blends his strong business acumen with an empathetic manner to which people favorably respond, producing desired outcomes across a wide range of opportunities and challenges. Kevin’s experience as a GE leader, plus years of working closely with business owners, leaders, and teams, make him well-suited to get the most out of people and organizations. I highly endorse Kevin and recommend him to anyone who is not completely satisfied with their current personal or professional results.

Operating Partner, private equity firm


◊ Kevin, thank you for the great job this weekend. There was a lot of progress. The way you walked the group through the process and kept us on track was impressive.

Vice President, leading regional consumer and commercial services company


◊ Kevin distinguished himself by how he listened to the
client, made sure that he had their requirements straight, and then developing
an actionable plan on how to execute to help them achieve their plans. He was
always viewed as an honest and straightforward guy. 

Senior Vice President, financial institution


◊ Kevin is a seasoned executive with outstanding business
acumen and leadership presence, and I trust his character and judgment
implicitly. I offer my strongest endorsement of Kevin and am happy to elaborate
further at any time. My personal interactions with Kevin were fruitful: he was
– and still is – always willing to share his experience and insights, from
which I and others have benefited tremendously. 

Senior Director, consumer products company


◊ Little did I realize when Kevin and I first starting working together where our coaching relationship would lead. So far we have addressed many challenges and opportunities, all with terrific results. On the business front, Kevin has helped me make great strides in areas such as sales and business development, customer loyalty, client referrals, branding and target marketing, managing others, and goal setting. Kevin has also been extremely helpful with more personal and behavioral areas such as attitude and motivation, communications and human relations, stress management, and life balance and direction. Kevin is knowledgeable of and experienced in so many areas and he brings that value to every conversation we have. Yet he doesn’t tell me what he thinks I should do; he merely helps me figure out what is best for me. He is very adept at helping me put things into perspective so that even difficult and confusing situations become easier to understand and address. Kevin and I have been working together for over 2 years now and we are still going strong. He is a wonderful partner to have on my side and I look forward to continuing our relationship for a long time to come.

Partner, financial, consulting and compliance services firm


◊ Due to the coaching with Kevin, I don’t micro-manage as
much, I listen better, I am more self-aware, I do a better job of setting
expectations, I am an improved planner and I am more open-minded.

CEO, electronics manufacturer


◊ There are so many distractions out there from day to day in
business. It is evident we all need professionals to keep us on track, on
course with our own business. Kevin Brimhall will do exactly that. He will get
to know you by asking the appropriate questions to determine needs analysis and
then provide you with the solutions to keep you ahead of the competition. Kevin
will create a powerful strategy for your business to develop profitability,
creativity and help achieve success. 

Owner, communications and technology consulting company


◊ Whereas I
wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the coaching experience, this opportunity
has been invaluable in helping me assess and consciously guide aspects of both
my daily and longer life planning perspectives. It provided me with a new
framework for self-discipline that I have appreciated very much. The experience
came at a very important time in both my career and personal life. This has been invaluable for me. I would highly recommend
this process to anyone and highly recommend YOU as someone who is very skilled
with these varying components and perceives well what this individual needed
throughout these last several months.

Statewide Program
Coordinator, non-profit agency


◊ Thank you for all of the management coaching sessions and support throughout the year. You have been instrumental in my growth as a young manager. I am thankful that my company has invested in me by allowing us to work together.

Region Sales Manager, engineering and control systems provider


◊ Ever since I met Kevin, I’ve been nothing but impressed with
his insight, objectivism, and willingness to help out in any given situation.
He definitely can see the forest AND the
trees, and is able to look at small and medium businesses from the big picture,
to help get them to the next level! Kevin is a consummate professional, and
it’s clear that he knows his field — if you need to build your organization
and/or need someone to provide counsel from an objective and skilled point of
view, he’s the one to call. 

President, marketing and PR business


◊ Thank you Kevin. I found the weekend to be productive, positive and educational. Thank you for leading us in that positive direction.

Vice President and Sales Manager, award-winning relocation and storage company


◊ Just a quick note to thank you for the expert facilitation last week. You helped turn a rote subject into a memorable unification event, for a team that really needed it. I continue to value our relationship and your guidance.

CEO, distributor of industrial automation equipment 


◊ I would highly recommend Kevin as a business and personal coach. I began working with Kevin when it became apparent that my job situation was going to change, and he was a god-send. Not only did Kevin help me navigate my career transition, but he helped me put my career in context and in better perspective with my life’s plans and dreams – the "big picture." It’s critical to have the right mindset and attitude, and Kevin has a very affable and effective manner in developing people and encouraging them to leverage their personal power. He has helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses, gain more control and have greater confidence, while achieving terrific results. Kevin doesn’t just tell you something, he explains things very well and makes certain that you understand "why" it matters and is important. I have a whole new outlook and have gained many new tools in working with Kevin that I can use the rest of my life – both on the job and at home. In summary, Kevin has become a critical part of my support system going forward.

Senior Director, pharmaceuticals company


◊ You have given me the tools and perspective I never had before. With your help, I have made very good progress creating a higher quality of life for my family and enhancing the performance of my team.

Partner, diversified products consortium


 ◊ I had no expectations going into this [engagement] other than that coaching would be helpful in my new position. It is helpful discussing issues with someone outside of my organization and developing the tools to approach and solve difficult problems. Also, I believe that the next phase of the coaching with Kevin can be very valuable in helping me to achieve some of the things on my dream inventory. I strongly recommend coaching with Kevin.

 Vice President, Engineering, specialty products manufacturer