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So, we’ve been dealing with the coronavirus in a substantive way since March (at least, here in the U.S.). And a lot of what I’ve seen and heard over the last 4 months relates to the problems and issues that people have been struggling with…and rightfully so.

However, I want to flip this around and see what positives have resulted during this pandemic for you. I’ve coined the term Pandemic Superpower and here is what I mean:

  • What have you most enjoyed doing during this time?
  • What have you done that has especially helped you cope?
  • What have you spent quality time doing that you wouldn’t have if not for the pandemic?
  • In what area have you grown or developed the most?
  • What goal have you achieved that you would not have otherwise?

Some Pandemic Superpowers that I’ve heard from others include: gardening; baking; addressing items on that long-term, nagging to-do list; spending time catching up remotely with extended family; pivoting their company; tackling house projects; connecting with friends; organizing the house; finding new ways to be successful in their job; doing puzzles; joining a book club; serving members of their church or community; and taking care of a new pet.

My Pandemic Superpower has been cycling. I have always enjoyed playing sports, working out, and generally keeping fit, including being what I would term a casual cyclist since 2013. First, I joined spinning classes at the YMCA and then I moved outdoors and have since biked many, many times around the hundreds of miles of the Capital Area Greenway trail and path system.

In 2018, I rode in my first organized ride: The V Foundation Victory Ride to Cure Cancer…my introduction to longer-distance road cycling. However, since March, I have taken my cycling to the next level and am thoroughly enjoying it. Currently, I’m in the midst of a Trek Century Challenge and I’m on track to meet (or even exceed) my mileage goal for the month of July. And I am fairly certain that my heightened frequency and level of cycling would not be happening if this pandemic hadn’t occurred.

No Superpower is too big or too small; it’s what is most important and meaningful to you. In spite of all of the challenges that we are dealing with, let’s remember to focus as much as possible on the positive, for ourselves and for others.

What is your Pandemic Superpower?