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Can you relate to the "Stucks" or the "Inspireds"?

"Stuck" Stacey and Stanley

They are doing everything they can to move forward. They
work hard and put in a lot of hours, but they don’t seem to be getting any
results. They are starting to realize that they’re missing something. There’s something they don’t know that makes other people
be more successful. They wonder: "What’s the secret? How can I get it?"

"Inspired" Ian and Ilyssa

Ian and Ilyssa always want next year to be better than the
last and are willing to invest in the help they need to get them to the next
level. They believe that, just like athletes need a coach to bring out their
best, business owners and professionals need coaches who know stuff beyond
what they themselves know. They realize the return on investment is huge and
they’re impatient to get started. They say: "Bring on change. The more
uncomfortable it makes me, the bigger the opportunity.

Whether you identify with the "Stucks" or the "Inspireds"
you want someone to help you move forward…someone
with lots of experience, someone with sensitivity to your situation, someone
who will listen to your unique needs, give you lots of individual attention, help
you answer your important questions and guide you along a path to the next
level of success.


STAR Coaching (Strategy,
Tactics, Accountability, Results)

The monthly package is geared to provide you with the path-to-success
guidance you need. The first month is focused on setting goals, establishing
strategy and deciding on tactics. Going forward, we gauge progress, tackle
challenges, and ensure that you are achieving your desired results.

Included each month:

  • One 60-minute face-to-face or telephone session
  • Two 30- to 45-minute telephone sessions
  • Email and quick-question telephone support
  • Free access to our monthly webinars (normally $29 each)


$500 per month with a two month minimum ($600 if you prefer a
90 minute session each month). You should see some results very quickly, and it
is realistic to expect big results after 4 to 6 months. People who make this investment
are proving the seriousness of their commitment to their success by investing
in themselves.

How to Get Started

Contact Kevin for an opening conversation. You’ll then be
asked to fill out a brief questionnaire in preparation for a complimentary
mutual evaluation meeting. If we decide to work together, we’ll schedule our
kick-off and get started!

Email: kevinb@jfdperfsolutions.com

Phone 919-758-8502


If Not Now…When? Let’s Get Started! 


What some clients have to say:

I had no expectations going into this [engagement] other than that coaching would be helpful in my new position. It is helpful discussing issues with someone outside of my organization and developing the tools to approach and solve difficult problems. Also, I believe that the next phase of the coaching with Kevin can be very valuable in helping me to achieve some of the things on my dream inventory. I strongly recommend coaching with Kevin.

Vice President, Engineering, specialty products manufacturer

You have given me the tools and perspective I never had before. With your help, I have made very good progress creating a higher quality of life for my family and enhancing the performance of my team.

Partner, diversified products consortium

Whereas I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the coaching experience, this opportunity has been invaluable in helping me assess and consciously guide aspects of both my daily and longer life planning perspectives. It provided me with a new framework for self-discipline that I have appreciated very much. The experience came at a very important time in both my career and personal life. This has been invaluable for me. I would highly recommend this process to anyone and highly recommend YOU as someone who is very skilled with these varying components and perceives well what this individual needed throughout these last several months.

Statewide Program Coordinator, non-profit agency

Due to the coaching with Kevin, I don’t micro-manage as much, I listen better, I am more self-aware, I do a better job of setting expectations, I am an improved planner and I am more open-minded.

CEO, electronics manufacturer


Some favorite quotes about PLANNING and accomplishing GOALS:

"If we
fail to plan, we plan to fail."  ~ Anonymous

"You will never be greater
than the vision that guides you."  ~

"I am rather like a mosquito
in a nudist camp; I know what I want to do, but I don’t know where to
begin."  ~ Stephen Bayne

"Let our advance worrying
become our advance thinking and planning." 
~ Winston Churchill         

"My interest is in the future
because I am going to spend the rest of my life there."  ~ Charles Kettering

"Twenty years from now you
will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than the ones you did
do."  ~ Mark Twain