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In working with my clients, I do a lot of things. But at its essence, at its core, I am a coach. My parents were both teachers (Mom: kindergarten, Dad: college) so some of that is likely in my DNA (but coaching is different than teaching). Recently, the coaching Mastermind group that I have been a part of for nearly 15 years discussed purpose. My stated purpose is “To help companies achieve greater results, to help teams work better together, and to help individuals reach more of their potential.

And, regardless of the situation or people involved, a key aspect of my work is engaging in meaningful conversations. I talk with people, organizations, and teams about what is most important to them, what is working well, where they are struggling, and options for moving forward. Although making significant and lasting improvement is not often “simple” or “easy” for those involved, I try not to over-complicate what coaching is and how I go about doing it.

A client told me that she said to a friend: “You will gain more from speaking with Kevin than you ever imagined. And your life will change for the better because of it.

Having the opportunity to have that level of impact is why I do what I do: coach.