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Focus on YOU. Achieve greater results.
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Focus on YOU.

Achieve greater results.

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Executives are a unique group of professionals because they have already achieved a level of capability and success, yet there are often many areas where they can still develop and grow.

Many executives prefer to work one-on-one with a coach on their development in order to increase their personal well-being and business performance. In a short period of time, they can achieve significant results and live life more purposefully.

Why Executive Coaching?

Great candidates for Executive Coaching include senior-level leaders who want to:

  • develop their leadership or people management skills
  • improve their “executive presence”
  • feel challenged by many the demands on their time or overwhelmed and unsure where to focus
  • take their team or organization to the next level
  • assimilate quickly in a new role or recent promotion
  • consider making a job change or career transition
  • increase they own self-awareness and improve their Emotional Intelligence
  • deal with teamwork issues
  • communicate more effectively
  • overcome frustration, unfulfillment, unhappiness or dissatisfaction with achievements
  • improve their judgment and decision-making
  • have goals but experience difficulty accomplishing them
  • reduce their stress or need more balance in their life
  • relate or “connect” better with others and build improved relationships
  • improve their team’s level of performance 
  • improve organization or time management skills

We specialize in working with:

Individuals, such as:

  • C-level Executive (CEO, CFO, Chief HR Officer, CMO, COO, CRO, EVP, Managing Partner, Operating Executive, Operating Partner, Partner, President, Principal)
  • Founder, Co-Founder, Founding Partner, Owner, Co-Owner
  • Upper-level Manager (Business Unit Director, General Manager, Director, District Manager, Division Manager, Head of …, Regional Director, Regional Vice President, Vice President)

"I would describe a key impact of working with Kevin as a feeling. I feel way more confident now when addressing issues with people, tackling a challenge, and setting engaging/challenging goals with staff. I now love getting in front of the White Board with someone and digging in. Kevin is a listener, a challenger, and a grower. He has a question-based approach that makes me think and dive deep. I love to read/learn and Kevin has endless resources, tools, and techniques to help me learn and grow. He helped with specific people – improving relationships – and it really works! And I got to know myself way better!"

Tom Raymond, Vice President, S&ME, Inc.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Kevin and continue to use our work together in day to day work and life. I really appreciate all the tools he shared with me and the thought processes he introduced me to – they have helped me become a better leader and person. I enjoyed the ease of our discussions and I feel as though I was able to clearly speak through any issues with him. The organization and structure of our work together was also very well done. I always knew what we were working on and what tasks I had to complete, however there was still time to discuss everyday situations as well. Kevin’s approach is refreshing, he is a great calming influence, and his sense of humor helps. He was also available if something came up. Kevin’s explanations of the information shared were straight forward and interesting to listen to. The use of real-life examples really helped me as well."

Ryley Hendry, Chief Operating Officer, Junior Sports Corporation

"Kevin is knowledgeable, insightful, an excellent communicator, and he sets a comfortable environment to explore challenges and leadership style. He really took the time to understand some of my challenges and work environment before offering a range of options and education. I appreciated the mix of the educational materials that Kevin provided and the following discussions about how that related to my work. He is adept at utilizing his past experiences to highlight ways I could look at or manage current challenges. With our coaching, I am much more thoughtful and aware of the challenges and potential issues that arise when making big changes. I am beginning to focus on many elements that surround change as opposed to just planning for the mechanics of change and pressing ahead. And I am much more cognizant of how I use my time and am becoming more productive. Coaching with Kevin also provided me insights that helped me provide better information and feedback to the executive team that I am a part of. Overall, I found the experience extremely helpful and look forward to some of the work that you will be doing with my team."

Sean Schreiber, Chief Clinical Officer, Alliance Behavioral Healthcare

"I have been to seminars, sales training events, negotiation training, etc. For the most part you are hearing the same techniques repeated over and over, it just comes out different. I have found the above ok at best. In regards to Kevin's coaching, I was a little skeptical at first. But after two sessions I was amazed at just how useful Kevins' training was and continues to be an important part of my personal and professional growth. His ability to listen, challenge and suggest options is awesome. I believe I'm on the path to a more rewarding overall life and owe a lot of that to Kevin."

Business Development Manager, global technology company

"Whereas I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the coaching experience, this opportunity has been invaluable in helping me assess and consciously guide aspects of both my daily and longer life planning perspectives. It provided me with a new framework for self-discipline that I have appreciated very much. The experience came at a very important time in both my career and personal life. This has been invaluable for me. I would highly recommend this process to anyone and highly recommend YOU as someone who is very skilled with these varying components and perceives well what this individual needed throughout these last several months."

Statewide Program Coordinator, non-profit agency

"Little did I realize when Kevin and I first starting working together where our coaching relationship would lead. So far we have addressed many challenges and opportunities, all with terrific results. On the business front, Kevin has helped me make great strides in areas such as sales and business development, customer loyalty, client referrals, branding and target marketing, managing others, and goal setting. Kevin has also been extremely helpful with more personal and behavioral areas such as attitude and motivation, communications and human relations, stress management, and life balance and direction. Kevin is knowledgeable of and experienced in so many areas and he brings that value to every conversation we have. Yet he doesn't tell me what he thinks I should do; he merely helps me figure out what is best for me. He is very adept at helping me put things into perspective so that even difficult and confusing situations become easier to understand and address. Kevin and I have been working together for over 2 years now and we are still going strong. He is a wonderful partner to have on my side and I look forward to continuing our relationship for a long time to come."

Partner, financial, consulting and compliance services firm

"I would highly recommend Kevin as a business and personal coach. I began working with Kevin when it became apparent that my job situation was going to change, and he was a god-send. Not only did Kevin help me navigate my career transition, but he helped me put my career in context and in better perspective with my life's plans and dreams - the "big picture." It's critical to have the right mindset and attitude, and Kevin has a very affable and effective manner in developing people and encouraging them to leverage their personal power. He has helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses, gain more control and have greater confidence, while achieving terrific results. Kevin doesn't just tell you something, he explains things very well and makes certain that you understand "why" it matters and is important. I have a whole new outlook and have gained many new tools in working with Kevin that I can use the rest of my life - both on the job and at home. In summary, Kevin has become a critical part of my support system going forward."

Senior Director, pharmaceuticals company

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