Be inspired. Have fun. But most importantly, learn something new…and be motivated to TAKE ACTION to change and get better results. For a listing of Sample Speaking Topics and to read some Comments and Testimonials, see below. ↓ ↓



Speaking engagements and seminars are a way for us to share information, help motivate others, educate ourselves, and stay connected with professionals and the business world.

Our engagements take many different forms:

  • We speak to groups from 15-20 to several hundred. 
  • We speak at industry conferences; to associations, trade organizations and other professional groups; and at company meetings and retreats. Forty-five (45) minutes to two (2) hours in length is fairly typical.
  • We are also available for half-day and full-day seminars, or two- and three-session seminars and workshops. We will tailor our offerings to best meet your needs.
  • We cover a wide-range of topics, primarily in the areas of professional and personal development (see list below).
  • We aim to inform, to spark a new thought, to have fun and be interactive.  Most importantly, we strive to motivate people to TAKE ACTION and to make a change so they can achieve better results in an area of their life that is important to them. 

To learn more or to schedule a speaking engagement call 919.608.3208 or e-mail .


Sample Speaking Topics


  • A Fail-Safe Approach To Leadership In A Results-Oriented Organization
  • First Step To Great Leadership - Creating A Compelling Vision
  • The Real Leadership Challenge - Getting & Maintaining Peak Performance
  • The Value of Core Values
  • How To Outperform & Outlast The Competition
  • How To Run Circles Around Your Slower Competitors


  • Increasing Sales Through Networking
  • Winning At Sales - Your Business Life Depends On It
  • The Secret to Great Sales: A Simple Formula for Asking Great Questions
  • Taking The Chill Out Of Cold Calls (Your Sales Results Depend On It)
  • 5 Stupid Things Sales People Do That Cost Them Money!
  • How To Write Killer Positioning Statements

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Achieving Organizational Excellence
  • Maximizing Organizational Effectiveness
  • Strategic Thinking: From the Boardroom to the Cubicle
  • Successfully Managing Continuous Improvement
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • The Slaying Of "Yea, But's" - It's Everyone's Job
  • The 4 Ways to Inject Passion into Your Organization
  • Managing Multi-Generations in the Workplace (Traditionalists, Boomers, GenX, GenY)
  • A Common Sense Approach to Business Sustainability
  • Making Better Decisions with Enhanced Critical Thinking

Customer Loyalty

  • Increase Sustained Profitability - Developing A Customer Loyalty Strategy
  • Key Measurements For Building A Loyal Customer Base
  • The Power Of Customer Loyalty - Points Of Connection
  • How To Get A Standing Ovation From Your Customers
  • How To Tell Customers You Care

People Development

  • Effectively Dealing With Difficult People And Situations
  • Tackling Tough Conversations
  • Play Like a Champion: Success in Everyday Life
  • Attitude Is Everything - Banish Negative Thinking
  • Cementing Your Value At Work
  • Every Day is Career Day
  • A "Look in the Mirror": Self-Awareness is Key

Strategic And Business Planning

  • Strategic Planning: Your Business Roadmap for Success
  • Managing Your Business Like Your Life Depends On It
  • Be Strategic About Your Strategic Planning
  • Keeping Your Business "On Purpose"

Goal Setting And Achievement

  • The Formula For Success
  • Goal Setting For Success
  • Goals To Gold

Time Management

  • Making Time Work For You
  • Keeping Your Business On Focus - Time Based Strategies
  • Get More Out Of Your Day


Comments and Testimonials

  → Regarding our newsletter, seminars and speaking engagements

  • "Thank YOU so much. It was a fantastic presentation. As I said, everyone was interested and engaged. I received a lot of positive feedback from that presentation. It was very well received and I was happy about how engaged everyone was!"  Program Coordinator, professional services membership company

  • "I just wanted to thank you for your newsletter. The things that you wrote caused me to refocus and get off the tread mill that I seem to get caught up in from time to time."  Owner, food products company
  • "The seminar was extremely informative and I am still reading the notes I took (13 pages worth). Kevin is well-versed in how to network and keep options open in your career. He gave excellent advice on how to open your horizons in your job. We spent a lot of our time on the "You" portion and it was helpful to see how others see you. I would highly recommend this seminar to everyone and have. Overall, I really enjoyed it."  Business professional and recent MBA graduate
  • "Thanks for helping make the [member] meeting a big success. My favorite comment was how well you facilitated a discussion about facilitation! It was a great example of how to do it! Wishing you all the best for a great year!"  CEO, healthcare member services company
  • "He was Great. Kept you engaged. Listened. Is the definition of a good leader. Cool dude. Bring him back next year?: YES!"  College students in Leadership Development Program
  • "A very good presentation. I learned a new perspective on what leadership is."  Owner, documentation company
  • "AWESOME job today. Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with our group and to lead a discussion on Time Management. By the time I got back to my office I had already received a couple of emails thanking me for inviting you to our meeting today - good feedback!!"  Business Manager, service organization
  • "I very much enjoyed Kevin's presentation style; he was professional, relaxed, and so informative."  Manager, government human services department
  • "Thank YOU so much for all you did to make yesterday's professional development afternoon a huge success. It seems that the wheel activity brought a level of introspection that revealed new things to [our staff]. Our younger staff members, in particular, seem to have much better focus on what their priorities need to be as they work toward their goals - both professional and personal. What a valuable gift you gave to all of us!"  Career Development Coordinator, Public School System
  • "[Kevin] was interesting and personable, making the workshop even more enjoyable and engaging. I thought the activities were GREAT! It helped me to see what areas I needed to work on!" Executive Administrator, global healthcare company
  • "[Your] newsletter is excellent!!  I almost always post something from the newsletter in my office to remember."  Director of Business Development, market research firm
  • "Just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and share your wisdom with us today. There were several practices that I plan on attempting to implement going forward. I even plan on going over some of these ideas with others on our staff."  Business Administrator, service organization
  • "I wanted to say thank you very much for sharing valuable information with us. I truly enjoyed attending this workshop and I believe the information was engaging and inspiring."  Finance professional and MBA candidate
  • "Kevin, I loved your message "The Choice Is Yours" in your February Idea Letter that I received today! Very well done - it was excellent!! Thank you for sharing your story - it still was very inspiring."  Vice President - Senior Sales Officer, national financial institution
  • "Because of this webinar, I have already begun to map out some of my plans."  Founder and Chief Information Officer, IT solutions company
  • "Thank you, the team building presentation was great! It was very interactive, which always helps, informative and on point!!"  Leader, non profit organization
  • "Kevin- It was great having you share your information with us. It's been 3 days and each day I think back on different aspects of what you told us. Thank you again."  Owner, organizing consulting firm
  • "Kevin, Thanks for [the workshop] yesterday. Your material was fascinating, and your delivery masterful. I can't remember a time when a few hours of my day will make such a difference in my life. I can't wait to put everything I learned into practice!"  Co-founder and Partner, residential services firm
  • "Kevin brings a dynamic and confident approach to his thorough knowledge of best business practices."  Coordinator, non profit organization
  • "Very positive information presented in a simple, professional way. Thank you!"  Chief Marketing Officer, architecture firm
  • "This session helped me to think about how my attitude will affect my future success."  Senior Associate, strategic visioning firm
  • "You touched on some important topics and I know our members appreciated the opportunity to learn something new."  Membership Services Manager, business membership organization
  • "(This month's newsletter is) an excellent collage of constructive thought!"  Management Consultant
  • "It was great seeing you. You did a FANTASTIC job! Today I used your 3 questions and they were GREAT!! Thanks so much!"  Professional Business Efficiency Consultant
  • "I appreciated the "discovering your genius section" the best.  I did see some real opportunities develop which acted like a kick in the pants [for me]."  Entrepreneur, educational and development services
  • "On behalf of [our state chapter], thank you so much for such an informative, interesting and thought-provoking presentation last week! Our members thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and learning from your expertise."  NC Chapter President, national association


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