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General : Holiday Cheer

Posted by kevinb on 12/24/09 (3243 reads)

In the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season, remember to take time to give ... give your time ... give a smile ... give away a parking space at the mall. It's the little things that count! In that spirit of giving, here are a few of our favorite quotes:


General : Top Practices of Savvy Donors

Posted by kevinb on 10/15/09 (3221 reads)

Seeing the 2009 edition of Forbes' The 400 Richest People in America (see article on-line) made me wonder what these super-wealthy people do with all of their money.

General : Best Jobs for New College Graduates

Posted by kevinb on 2/21/09 (3200 reads)

From the just-updated book "200 Best Jobs for College Graduates" by Laurence Shatkin and Michael Farr.


General : Demystifying Coaching

Posted by kevinb on 11/6/08 (3428 reads)

As prefaced last month, many people get confused by the role of a consultant versus that of a coach.

A consultant gives professional or expert advice. There are many types of consultants, but they typically have an expertise in a particular industry or specific field. A coach, on the other hand, often works with organizations and individuals to help them use more of their potential and achieve their desired results. These two roles bring important, yet different, benefits to companies and individuals. Let's take a closer look at coaching.