• In September and October, leading client sessions on topics such as:

    • leadership development

    • time management

    • productivity and effectiveness

    • performance management

    • emotional intelligence and behavioral preferences

    • strategic planning

    • self-knowledge and awareness

    • aligning organizational goals and priorities

    • team building

  • September 20 - leading a client session in Raleigh focused on that organization's core competencies, business philosophy, vision, and mission.

  • August 17 - leading a session for the Keystone Leaders at Johnston Community College in Smithfield, NC entitled "Defining and Applying Effective Leadership"

  • July 19 - leading a client session in Charlotte, NC on time management. We will be discussing methods to improve delegation, manage interruptions, prioritize for better results, and manage stress.

  • June 15 - leading a session in Charlotte, NC entitled "Thinking Differently and Smarter" at a client's cross-functional planning meeting. We will delve into areas such as dealing with change and thinking more strategically.

  • May 17 - facilitating a workshop in Winston-Salem, NC entitled "Achieving Organizational Objectives" at a client's IT Leadership Conference. We will be exploring organizational effectiveness and meaningful metrics.

  • May 23 - leading a session in Cary, NC entitled "Building Effective Teams" at a client's annual leadership summit. We will focus on leading others, conversational intelligence, and getting things done.

  • Check back often for the latest information! We also provide company-specific workshops and seminars.

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