COACHING SERVICES - Developing the Potential That Lies Within

Our coaching services cover the four elements needed for success, both professionally and personally: attitude development, human behavior and relations, skills development, and goal setting. The key word is "development", which is the process of getting people to use the skills they already have more effectively. Traditional skills training, by itself, often falls short because the person's attitudes and behaviors aren't addressed. New skills (often "technical" in nature) aren't going to help that much if the person isn't motivated to do their best.   

Lou Holtz said that "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." All of these aspects must be addressed and developed to best position a person to reach their full potential.

While the focus will vary depending upon a client's needs, the primary coaching services that we provide include:


  • Life Balance
  • Creativity and Change
  • Developing Your Organization
  • Attitude Development
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Goal Accomplishment

Strategic Planning

  • Strategy Development
  • Internal and External Assessments
  • Converting Strategy into Action
  • Establishing Measurable and Attainable Goals
  • Attaining Results


  • Self-Awareness
  • Do More with Less
  • Developing Your Team While Meeting Your Daily Challenges
  • Behavior Management Skills
  • Improving Teamwork

Customer Service and Loyalty

  • A Strategic Approach
  • The Competitive Advantage
  • Optimizing Points of Connection
  • Leveraging Your Customer Relationships
  • Instituting a Culture of Customer Loyalty

Sales; Business Development

  • The Sales Development Process
  • Building Attitudes for Positive Results
  • Prospecting
  • Maximizing Referrals
  • Communication Skills & Effectiveness
  • Effective Questioning Techniques

Time Strategies

  • Getting Organized
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Stress Management
  • Planning and Priorities
  • Accelerated Goal Accomplishment
  • Time-Conscious Attitudes

Goal Setting and Achievement

  • Goal Definition and Identification
  • Goal Setting Process
  • Overcoming Roadblocks
  • Planning and Accomplishment
  • Annual Goals Review

Diagnostics / Assessments (Individual and Organizational)

  • Improve Alignment of Resources with Goals
  • Better Utilize Limited Resources
  • Enhanced Organizational Effectiveness
  • Improving Teamwork
  • Understanding What Makes Your People "Tick"


CONSULTING SERVICES - Putting Our Experience to Work for You

Looking for some expert advice? A helping hand? That's what our consulting services are all about. We bring a lot of value and experience to the table - and we're ready, willing, and able to share that with you and your organization.

We can help you with strategic planning, change management, and help you determine the future direction for your organization. We can also help you with the steps necessary to get you where you're going, including goal-setting, needs assessment, facilitation of the process, and motivation.


Areas of Expertise and Focus Include:

Business Management Consulting

  • Business Strategy
  • Organizational Structure
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Business Development Plan
  • Business Processes
  • Change Management


 Marketing Consulting

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Products & Services Assessment
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis


Sales Consulting

  • Sales Plan
  • Sales Process
  • Lead Generation Program
  • Sales Presentation
  • Sales Training

Strategic/Business Planning

  • Vision, Mission
  • Core Values & Competencies
  • Internal Appraisal (Structure, People, Resources, Processes)
  • External Assessment (Market, Competition, Products & Services)
  • Operational Plan
  • Sales & Marketing Plan


Acquisitions & Partnerships
  • Strategy Development
  • Target Identification & Assessment
  • Transaction Structure (Buy, Sell)
  • Due Diligence
  • Contract Review
  • Negotiation
  • Integration


Product Development & Management

  • Process Review
  • Product Life Cycle Evaluation
  • Resource Utilization


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