We were pleased to provide this opportunity to you last year: Moving the Bar in Your Career and Your Life, a unique approach to professional development. There were four quarterly series and each had a particular theme. Each quarter we shared several resources and then provided our participants with an opportunity to apply the material and take action. You could have participated in each series individually or as a team at your office.

Raising the bar

Join us for the entire series or plug in as you have time - either way, we are here to assist you in your development. Click on a following series to learn more:

Series 1 • My 3 P’s: Passion, Purpose, Potential  (January-March)

Series 2 • Effective Communication and Constructive Conflict  (April-June)

Series 3 • Optimizing Employee Performance  (July-September)

Series 4 • Building Enviable Customer Relationships (October-December)

Even though the saying goes that “Knowledge is power,” actually applied knowledge is where true power resides. And that is what this professional development program is all about: supplying you with relevant and useful information, and then providing you an opportunity to apply that knowledge in a manner that is meaningful to you…on the job and at home.

Here's how the process worked for each of the four series:

  • Month 1 (January, April, July, and October): We provided our participants with content and materials related to the topic for that particular series.
  • Month 2 (February, May, August, and November): We followed up with tools, exercises, worksheets or other resources to help you apply what you learned from the Month 1 material.
  • Month 3 (March, June, September, and December): We held an open and collaborative event (e.g., conference call, webinar, or other live session) for all of us to share and to discuss our Moving the Bar journey and how we were learning and applying what we had learned. We learned from each other and set the stage for your continued growth and development.
       →   "Month 3" Event dates:
              March 18, June 17, September 16, and December 9. All scheduled at 1:00 pm Eastern Time.
  • Month 4 (April, July, October, and January): We followed up and engaged with you individually, on your terms, to provide you with help and support and to gather your feedback regarding your journey.

We hope you started something new for yourself last year. Thanks for joining us for this fun, informative and, hopefully life-changing, personal and professional development program.


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